Democracy Has Prevailed.

April 4, 2021

Note to St Barnabas: I'm Not Sure This Is A Good Topic For Wendy Bell.

Let's start here:

I may be out of my lane but I'm thinking that it might not be a good idea for America's Worst White Woman to be defining our nation's status on race.

And why shouldn't Wendy Bell ever ever comment on race? Damon Young explains:

Well, years ago, when Wendy Bell was still an anchorwoman at WTAE-TV (Pittsburgh’s ABC affiliate), six people were killed in a horrific mass shooting in a predominately black Pittsburgh suburb. A week after the shooting, Bell went to her Facebook fan page and published what historians now refer to as the “Moby Dick of White Privilege.” (By “historians” I mean “I.”)

She began with some “thoughts” on how she hadn’t been able to walk or talk since the shooting, continued by effectively calling the mothers of the suspected shooters “broke black hoes,” described the shooting with Pulitzer-level black poverty porn imagery, and then ended with a pitch-perfect screed on how a recent family night at the Cheesecake Factory with a smiling and skipping black server gave her hope for us. (If you think I’m making this up, please—I beg of you—read what she wrote. And even if you don’t think I’m making this up, read it for your own entertainment.)

Bell was eventually fired from WTAE. She subsequently sued them for racial discrimination, and the case was settled. [Italics in original.]

Yea, she should probably just stay away from the topic as it got her fired from TAE.

On the other hand, at about 8:40 into Wendy's lecture on race, she states:

But I don't believe that the issue that is really most troubling most in defining at this point in American is systemic racism.

We have systemic irresponsibility. We have a problem with people not being accountable for their own decisions.

And a minute or so later she says:

But then there are elements in here where we're covering up for the systemic failures of generations of Americans – who've been allowed to become victims and blame other people for their lack of achievement, who use outrage as their cover for lack of progress.

You know when you're very young, your parents, if you're fortunate enough and they're part of your life and you have two of them, you have mom and you have dad, they teach you from the very early age about being accountable for the decisions that you make and trying to make the best decisions you can.

Gee, I wonder who she means. I wonder exactly who she's describing?

I wonder. Hmm.

Anyway, did you catch the homophobia sprinkled in there? Did you catch how Wendy Bell thinks that you're fortunate to be raised in a two parent household just as long as it's a mom and a dad.

And that's just the first 12 minutes or so. I didn't have the stomach to go any further.

Feel free to do so - I'm off to look at things in bloom (for fifty springs are little room).