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April 19, 2021

When Do We Start Worrying About Wendy Bell's Mental Health?

Wendy Bell had some sort of meltdown last night while taking her dog, Murphy (who I am sure is a good boy, such a good boy! Yes he is! Yes he is!) out for a walk.

And she decided to broadcast it on Facebook.

When do we start to worry about her mental health? The rant made it onto twitter:

Wendy frames the first part of her discourse with this:

And you know what? I've had enough. I was at uh in Sewickely at one of my twins' soccer games again and everyone outside, all the frickin sheep, wearing masks. I'm done. I sat in my car. I don't want to be around you.

So her solution to her distaste of pandemic social distancing is to...socially distance?

Does she not see the irony of that?

Then there's this that follows immediately:

You want to be a sheep. You want to be guided by loser principles that don't matter, that don't make sense that aren't backed in science, that are meant to corrupt you that are meant to steal your freedoms and you're OK with that? That's on you.

I'm not OK with that and I don't care what you think.

But then she spends some considerable time complaining about the people she just said she doesn't care about what they think:

Uh but by golly sometimes y'all have to wake up. You have to realize what's going on is beyond anything we've ever gone through as a population. That you have given away your freedoms and your ability to chose for yourself to decide what is best for you because you're afraid of a frickin virus that has killed less people than the damn flu?

That last part is factually incorrect:

Researchers analyzed U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs data on more than 3,600 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 between Feb. 1 and June 17 of this year, and more than 12,600 hospitalized with the flu between Jan. 1, 2017 and Dec. 31, 2019. The average age of patients in both groups was 69.

The death rate among COVID-19 patients was 18.5%, while it was 5.3% for those with the flu. Those with COVID were nearly five times more likely to die than flu patients, according to the study published online Dec. 15 in the BMJ.

But facts don't enter into Wendy's reality these days. And that's worrying. She pivots from the virus to politics: 

And don't tell me it hasn't because the CDC has been lying to you since the beginning.

Who do you trust? You believe Dr Doom? You believe the CDC? No you don't. You know that they're shams. You don't believe this is the real president. He's a frickin sham. This is all a complete -

This is crap and you know it.

Sure, Wendy. It's all a conspiracy against you. All of it. The CDC, Dr Fauci, the election of Jo Biden. All of it is a conspiracy to siphon away our freedoms and you're the only one who can save us. But you're frustrated that we're not agreeing with you.

Got it. Makes perfect sense, right?

Do you see why I'm worried about Wendy Bell's state of mental health?

She continues with her political paranoia:

I'm done. I want my president back. (My sons are pulling in right now). I want my president back. Not the BS president that you mullege that everyone voted for. Because by the way we all know that no body voted for him and that you had to frickin cheat and steal and lie because you don't have an original thought.

And any of my snowflake liberal neighbors who wants to have a conversation about it – Murphy will talk to you about it too – come on over, knock on my door. Let's roll.

At this, I tweeted and you can see how Wendy responded):

Um, I was raised by Italian American parents, Wendy. All my aunts are Italian American women. About half of my cousins are Italian American women. Strong women have always played a big part in my life. This personal attack of yours is as insulting as it is meaningless.

No Wendy, I will NOT be knocking at your door. You're armed and you're in the middle of a yearlong meltdown. You'll probably shoot me and then claim to be the victim of a politically motivated home invasion.

By the way, Wendy ends her rant with:

Oh, don't get mommy mad!

There's never a good Freudian around when you need one, is there? 

When do we start worrying about Wendy Bell's mental health? I'm serious.