Democracy Has Prevailed.

October 25, 2021

Uh-Oh. Sean Parnell Made It Onto CNN (And Not In A Good Way)

 Here's the headline at CNN:

Trump pick's messy personal life worries Senate Republicans desperate to hold on to Pennsylvania seat

And the piece begins with this:

Sean Parnell may have the backing of former President Donald Trump, but the Pennsylvania Republican also has significant personal baggage that is raising concerns about the GOP's ability to hold one of the most competitive Senate seats in the country next year.


I can hear in the depths of my cobwebbed memory an old saying. Or maybe it's just an echo (it's pretty empty in there). Or maybe I misheard something long ago and have since transformed it into something completely different. I really don't know. But here it is anyway:

When your rivals are fighting amongst themselves. Let them.

Maybe it was Napoleon who said it. Or maybe Sun Tzu or maybe it was Soupy Sales. Who knows?

This is a fight between two rival Republicans for their party's nomination to replace Senator Pat Toomey. Jeff Bartos says Parnell's unfit. 

If you look wa-a-a-ay down at the bottom of this website that's the source of all this muck, you'll see this:

Parnell fired back that:

Ian Prior, a spokesman for the Parnell campaign, criticized Baltos’ donation to the Democratic Party and his kind words to Hillary Clinton.

“First, we learn that Jeff personally donated to Democrats who supported President Trump’s impeachment,” Priore said in a statement. Pittsburgh City Paper.. “Now we know that Jeff worked for Bill Clinton and publicly praised Hillary Clinton. It seems that Jeff was #ReadyForHillary.” 

The Bartos folks pointed out that Parnell himself criticized Trump and so on.

It was ever thus.