Democracy Has Prevailed.

January 14, 2022

A Question For PA State Senator Doug Mastriano


Now that Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes has been indicted on a number of charges, including seditious conspiracy, I was wondering if you were free for a chat about that "Jericho March" you attended on December 12, 2020.

You were listed on the Jericho March press release as among the:

Political Leaders, Business Leaders, and Activists

who would be there. 

BTW, also on that list were:

RightwingWatch has this about the event:

At the Dec. 12 Jericho March rally emceed by Metaxas—at which Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes threatened a bloody civil war if Trump did not remain in power—Mastriano told rallygoers not to be discouraged in spite of the “gut shot” of the night before, presumably a reference to the Supreme Court rejecting a case brought by the state of Texas contesting election results in battleground states won by Biden. Mastriano told the crowd that things had looked pretty bad in America in 1776, but God had intervened and handed George Washington victory. “This is our day,” he told rallygoers. “This is our hour. Let’s stand together. We don’t hang together, we’ll hang separately.”

So were you there when the now-indicted for Seditious Conspiracy Stewart Rhodes threatened a "bloody civil war" at that rally?

And if you were there at that point, what did you do to "obey and defend" The Constitution - as your oath of office demands

And are you worried that you might be subpoenaed?