Democracy Has Prevailed.

May 14, 2022

When A Local Crazie Hosts A National Crazie - BOOM, A Crazie Conspiracy Theory!

We'll start with this tantalizing tidbit from WBW:

Yes, The Angel of Death actually had Madam Chootspah on her show on May 12 and look what happens when crazie worlds collide (said George Pal to his bride)!

First, a transcript from Lady Chootspah:

Potentially, The WHO, under the pretext of solving climate change could order all sorts of radical edicts. Not only for The United States but for other nations across the world, too. Under that pretext.

The same would be if they find that the use of firearms is considered a health emergency, potentially he could issue an edict that could call for potentially confiscation of guns.

There's all sorts of things that would impact us, including mandates for lockdowns, where we would be confined to our homes, mandates for closing businesses, mandates for vaccines, so if we thought Fauci was bad, at the NIH, if we thought that Rachel (sic) Walensky was over the top at the Centers for Disease Control. 

Now think of handing that power to the current occupant, Tedros, who presumably will be reelected at the World Health Assembly, imagine giving that power and authority to him because he's essentially an arm of the communist party of China.

This meeting will be held in Geneva, Switzerland very shortly on May 22-28. That's why this is urgent.

This vote will take place sometime between May 22-28 to give authority to cede our sovereign authority health care decisions to The WHO.

There are already over 40 nations that have signed on, including the EU, The UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland. The major countries of the world have already agreed with the Biden Administration to cede this level of sovereignty.

It's unthinkable. I don't know why they would do this...

So what is Chelsea Chootspah ranting about now?

This, the 75th World Heath Assembly to be held in Geneva, Switzerland on May 22-28.

And this is how the WHO describes the meeting itself:

During the Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly, a series of strategic roundtables will be held. During these sessions, WHA delegates, partner agencies, representatives of civil society and WHO experts will discuss current and future priorities for public health issues of global importance. The themes, introduced during the Director-General’s opening remarks at the 150th Session of the WHO Executive Board, are:

  • Urgent paradigm shift towards preventing disease and promoting health: economics of Health for All
  • Radical reorientation of health systems towards primary health care as the foundation of universal health coverage: the best and only choice to achieve universal health coverage
  • Towards a new architecture for health emergency preparedness, response and resilience: 10 proposals for a safer world
  • Behavioural sciences for better health
  • A healthy return: investing in a sustainably-financed WHO

Specifically the proposed amendments to the IHR to be voted on by the Assembly later this May.

This is how the American Family News characterizes the amendments:

The backdrop of that little-publicized plan is the World Health Assembly, planned for May 22-28 in Geneva, Switzerland. At that meeting, now two weeks away, a total of 194 countries will meet to discuss a secret plan introduced by the Biden administration earlier this year to update the International Health Regulations of the WHO.

The plan was recently publicized by Michele Bachmann, the former congresswoman, who sounded the alarm on the “War Room” podcast hosted by Steve Bannon.

“The Biden administration is bringing amendments,” she warned, “that would propose that all nations of the earth cede their sovereignty over national healthcare decisions to the W-H-O, the World Health Organization.”

Read through the amendments. Tell me where there's any reference (either explicit or implicit) about ceding sovereignty over national healthcare decisions to the WHO.

This page has a clue about where in the amendments such horrors can be found. It's a "Call your members of Congress and tell them this NOW!" cut and paste text.

Take a look:

Ah Amendments for Article 12, sections 2, 3, and 5.

What do those look like?

Like this:


Show me where there's any reference to gun confiscation or vaccine mandate or involuntary lockdowns. 

Where is there the language for "ceding sovereignty" in any way?

Show me. Please.

It's just not there. Michele Bachmann found a way to shoot her wad into Steve Bannon's War Room and it tricked down into Wendy Bell's definitely not yet hi tech studio this week, that's all this is.