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June 26, 2022

Ectopic Pregnancies and Doug Mastriano

So what is an "ectopic pregnancy" anyway?

Since I am not a medical professional, I'll stick very close to the professionals.

First off, Cleveland Clinic:

An ectopic pregnancy happens when a fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus, most commonly in the fallopian tube. The fallopian tube is not made to hold a growing embryo and can’t stretch like a uterus. This condition can lead to bleeding in the mother. An ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition that requires emergency treatment.

And so if a woman finds herself in this situation, what are the medical treatments?

Again, Cleveland Clinic:

There are several ways that an ectopic pregnancy can be treated. In some cases, your provider may suggest using a medication called methotrexate to stop the growth of the pregnancy. This will end your pregnancy. Methotrexate is given in an injection by your healthcare provider. This option is less invasive than surgery, but it does require follow-up appointments with your provider where you hCG levels will be monitored.

In severe cases, surgery is often used. Your provider will want to operate when your fallopian tube has ruptured or if you are at a risk of rupture. This is an emergency surgery and a life-saving treatment. The procedure is typically done laparoscopically (through several small incisions instead of one bigger cut). The surgeon may remove the entire fallopian tube with the egg still inside it or remove the egg from the tube if possible.

But can the fertilized egg that's implanted in the fallopian tube perhaps be moved to the uterus?

No, not according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

An ectopic pregnancy cannot move or be moved to the uterus, so it always requires treatment. There are two methods used to treat an ectopic pregnancy: 1) medication and 2) surgery. Several weeks of follow-up are required with each treatment.

So if I am reading this correctly, and I'd like to think that I am, there are only two options in dealing with an ectopic pregnancy and both entail ending the pregnancy, one chemically and the other surgically.

Well, there's a third option if you're willing to risk the life of the woman.

In summation

  • In an ectopic pregnancy, the fetus cannot survive.
  • When an ectopic pregnancy ruptures, women often have abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, which, if not treated, can be fatal.  

And so why is this important?

When asked during the GOP gubernatorial debate on April 27, 2022, if Roe v Wade were overturned  whether he'd support abortion exceptions for rape, incest or the life of a mother PA State Senator (and now GOP candidate for PA Gov) Doug Mastriano answered (after meandering until his last few seconds) with:

I won't give way for exceptions, either.

A week or so later, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported:

Mastriano said he would allow no exceptions for rape, incest, or a danger to the life of the pregnant person. He also said he believes life starts at “conception” and “we’re gonna have to work our way towards that,” a signal that he would also support a total abortion ban.

Giving Mastriano more than enough time to correct the record, which he has not.

So in Mastriano's Pennsylvania a woman who finds herself diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy may very well die an awful, painful, avoidable death. 

This is not pro-life. This is forced-birth.

It's also a war on women.