Democracy Has Prevailed.

August 22, 2022

A Mastriano Badge of Honor - I'VE BEEN BLOCKED!!

Take a look at this:

And this is the last thing I tweeted on State Sen. (and now GOP cand for PA Gov) Doug Mastriano's twitter feed:

I'm not sure if the braintrust over at the Mastriano campaign made the connection so I'll make it for them.

I also amplified Carter Walker's Lancaster Online piece about Doug's "security" detail.

But think of this for a minute. We live in a democracy (or a "representative democracy" to be slightly, if unnecessarily, more precise), a political process that values the free flow of ideas. 

Doug Mastriano is running for governor of Pennsylvania.

I am a voter in Pennsylvania.

He blocked me from his twitter feed. This not only blocks me from commenting it also blocks me from accessing anything he posts there.

Will this be how he treats his constituents if the worst happens and he's elected Governor? 

Doug Mastriano, political snowflake.