Democracy Has Prevailed.

September 17, 2022

St Sen Doug Mastriano Dog-Whistles. Again. And Gets Caught By Jake Tapper.

We'll start with the dog whistle:


This is is something Josh Shapiro can't relate to. He grew up in a privileged neighborhood, attended one of the most privileged schools in a nation as a young man, not college, I'm talking about as a kid. Sending his four kids to the same privileged exclusive elite school. $30,000 to $40,000 per pupil. 

So yea, we talk about him having disdain for people like us. We saw that. And I'll lay this out here. I'll give you facts. As John Adams said, our second president, "Facts are stubborn things." We live in a world of facts.

Yes, facts. Facts about Josh Shapiro's primary education at a private Jewish parochial school in Philadelphia.

I'll let CNN's Jake Tapper explain:

A transcript can be found here.

Specifically, this:

Mastriano has close ties with openly, proudly, anti-Semitic Gab founder Andrew Torba, who was paid for consulting services by the Mastriano campaign. Torba regularly attacks Jews. He calls Josh Shapiro the antichrist. We should note that after some Jewish Republicans a few months ago criticize Mastriano for this relationship, Mastriano issued a rather wrote paper statement criticizing anti-Semitism in all its forms. And then yesterday he attacked Josh Shapiro's Jewish school and his kids' Jewish school.

I should also note that contrary to what Mr. Mastriano suggested, the Jewish values taught there did not teach disdain. In my experience, they taught community and charity and respect for all faiths and nationalities, races, creeds and colors, love of the United States, love for our fellow Americans. So I'm not sure what Mr. Mastriano means when he refers to people like Josh Shapiro having disdain for people like us. The only disdain I ever felt there was for anti- Semites.

Any comment for the blog, Doug?