Democracy Has Prevailed.

November 30, 2022

Special Note To Wendy Bell, The Angel of Death. THIS IS WHY.

Hey, Wendy!

Ever wonder why I continue to call you The Angel of Death?

THIS is why. It's a Research Paper published recently in the JAMA.

The JAMA is the "Journal of the American Medical Association."

You've said a few times that your husband is a doctor. I am assuming he's in the AMA. 

Maybe he can find this research paper for you. Maybe he can read it to you.

In any event, this is what they found: 

The US reported 370 298 COVID-19 deaths (112 per 100 000) during the Delta and Omicron waves (61/100 000 and 51/100 000, respectively). COVID-19 deaths per capita in the US overall and in both state subgroups significantly exceeded those of all peer countries during the study period (Table 1). However, there were significantly fewer COVID-19 deaths in the top 10 states by vaccination uptake (73% coverage) at 75 deaths/100 000 compared with the bottom 10 (52% coverage) at 146 per 100 000 (P < .001). [Emphasis added.]

Feel free to look at those numbers on Table 1, Wendy.

Then there's this from the discussion:

The US continued to experience significantly higher COVID-19 and excess all-cause mortality compared with peer countries during 2021 and early 2022, a difference accounting for 150 000 to 470 000 deaths. This difference was muted in the 10 states with highest vaccination coverage; remaining gaps may be explained by greater vaccination uptake in peer countries, better vaccination targeting to older age groups, and differences in health and social infrastructure. [Emphasis added.]

So in states with higher Covid vaccination coverage there were fewer Covid deaths

What could the connection between those two facts be? Anyone? Anyone?

So Wendy, anytime you posted anything like this a BS board with the sole intent of steering people away from the Covid vaccines, you were putting people's lives at risk.

Wendy, when you say your prayers at night do you ever wonder how many of those extra, unnecessary, unvaccinated deaths were caused by someone listening to you and Brock on Wendy Bell Live? 

How many do you think? 0? 1? More than 1?