Democracy Has Prevailed.

April 29, 2023

Sen Mastriano's Political Hypocrisy On Display. Again.

St. Sen. Doug Mastriano is in the habit of posting "E-news Updates" on his official legislative Facebook Page

Sometimes he's bragging about his own accomplishments. Sometimes it's just letting his fellow right-thinking Pennsylvanians about some of the benefits they can expect to access via Pennsylvania guv'ment.

They all link back to his legislative webpage.

Recently, he posted an update that includes this benefit:

The Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority recently approved the Pennsylvania Broadband Infrastructure Program which will provide $200 million in funding to businesses, nonprofits, local governments and economic development organizations.

This program will fund line extension and development projects, as well as large-scale regional infrastructure projects. Upon completion, projects must deliver service that meets or exceeds symmetrical download and upload speeds of 100 Megabits per second, with prioritization being given to fiber-optic deployment.

The application period will begin May 10 and will close July 10. View program guidelines here.

Let's go take a look, shall we? 

If you were to click on that link, you'll quickly learn this:

The Broadband Infrastructure Program (BIP) is funded pursuant to the Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund (Capital Projects Fund) established under The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

For the sake of this discussion, the important part of that sentence is the last half-dozen (or so) words:

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 

(Posted like that in case you missed it.)

Know what? That's a bit of Biden legislation that made it through Congress with no GOP support whatsoever


That's information that Doug Mastriano decided his readers didn't need to know, I suppose.

Not only that, he's done this before:

  • July 20, 2022 - The  "Law Enforcement Recovery Grant Program" funded by the American Rescue Plan.
  • February 2, 2022 - The "Pennsylvania Homeowner Assistance Fund" also funded by the American Rescue Plan.
  • April 3, 2022 - Assistance Available for COVID Related Funeral Expenses, with funding from The American Rescue Plan.

This is shameless, Senator. 

Why aren't you telling anyone that these plans are being funded by a piece of legislation that got no GOP support in the Congress?