Democracy Has Prevailed.

June 16, 2008

Reminder: Tuesday I'm ON THE AIR

I'll be sitting in for Lynn Cullen Tuesday between 9 and noon.

Go here and click the "listen live" icon to, uh, well, listen live.

Still hammering down the schedule but the Macyapper himself, John McIntire will be my guest for the whole last hour.

At some point during the three hours, we will be discussing impeachment.


Here's the schedule.

9:15 - Doug Shields. We'll look at some local issues regarding the City Council.
10:30 - Elizabeth De La Vega. A few years ago she wrote "U.S. v Bush" a book on the Impeachment of George W Bush. We'll be discussing this article from "The Public Record."
11:00 - The Macyapper himself will be on for the entire last hour


Anonymous said...

John K. says: LMAO you are going to talk about impeachment. LMAO LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

John K. also says: And get McIntire to talk about indicting Karl Rove. You guys like to talk about impeaching and indicting anyone who has a different political position than yours. And do some McIntire Beavis and Butthead toilet humour. That seemed to help McIntire keep his last job on the radio. This may be so funny I may actually listen in to the last hour.

Sue said...

Who else is hosting this week?

Anonymous said...

And do some McIntire Beavis and Butthead toilet humour.

Should Dayvoe use the word "booger?"

Anonymous said...

John K. says: No I would leave the word 'booger' up to McIntire. He has made a living doing toilet humour no one listens to. But I would also suggest you two whine a lot about how conservatives own the radio. So hammer that fairness doctrine because that is probably the only way liberals will ever get out the radio ratings slump. LOL

Anonymous said...

John K. says: No I would leave the word 'booger' up to McIntire.

Actually, no you wouldn't, John. You raised the sophisticated topic of congealed nasal mucus right here:

How about picking our noses and flicking the boogers on the liberals.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note you should discuss Schenley - it's timely!!!!

Sherry Pasquarello said...

i'm listening on my computer.

my radio won't pick up the station. too much static.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Duck shitrock I just flicked a booger on you. LMAO Give me a terrorist fist pump bro. LMAO Man are you lame.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course I'm lame when compared to a logical comic powerhouse like you, John! You ought to take your Major Andre routine to American Idol.

cathcatz said...

john, do you even know what "terrorist fist bump" refers to?

do you realize that it is a term made up by a faux newsette with regard to the greeting seen over and over again in mainstream america, but when it was used between michelle and barack obama, it was called a "terrorist fist bump".

do you not get how absurd that is? faux news actually did. they took her show off of her. you can't be more dense than the big wigs at faux news, can you?

Anonymous said...

"At some point during the three hours, we will be discussing impeachment."

KGC says: Wow. Sorry I missed such a riveting discussion of a topic that has overwhelming support from the American people, even more than Drill Here. Drill Now. /sarcasm

Anonymous said...

Yeah, when they could have been discussing another topic with overwhelming support from the American public: the pathos in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: I knew shitrock never read anything except for the Dailykos. A quick glance at the papers in the past few days would shown how we kicked butt in Iraq and are now closing the deal with a victory. You left wingers are in dire straits now. You invested yourself in defeat and are now trying to snatch victory away. Its desperate. And oh yah, they dropped the charges against Lt. Col Chessini USMC. He's the commander of the unit in Iraq that was accused of covering up Haditha. Apology anyone?

Anonymous said...

We're "closing the deal" in Iraq? Really?

If what you're saying is true, John K, then it shouldn't be a problem bringing the troops home then.

I mean if victory is so close and the deal is close to being closed, and all, then we should be able to bring them home soon, right??

YOu should tell that to John "100 years in Iraq is fine with me" McCain.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Yep we are closing the deal and nothing the left can spin can change that. Seen any news from Iraq on the nightly news lately? Except for NBC doing a week's worth of stories touting our success. Imagine that!
As for bringing the troops home. Why? We have troops in Germany and Japan and Okinawa and S.Korea etc. In fact Rep. Murtha stated he wanted to withdraw to Okinawa. And last I checked, Okinawa is not home. So the intent is not to bring troops home. But to maintain a presence to do exactly do what we do in Germany and oh yah, Kosovo and Bosnia. And the dirty secret, Obama knows this. He ain't brining troops home no matter what he says. I know this and you have deceived yourself. By the way I will wait for apology to our military for your false accusations about Haditha. And of course to disavow Olbermouth for calling our troops "killers and murders." LMAO like that is going to happen.

EdHeath said...

Yes John McCain has referenced troops in Germany and Korea in saying we might keep troops in Iraq for ten years or a hundred years. Except our troops in Germany deter the Soviet threat, and our troops in Korea deter the communist North Koreans. And the Soviet threat is gone, and you have to wonder how well the North Koreans would fight if their own country can’t feed them. I guess John McCain wants to deter that budding super power Iran.

If we “win” in Iraq, we are not going to want to keep any troops there. Because the country is in ruins and any one with an education has been killed or fled to avoid being kidnapped for ransom. The only way Iraq will stabilize is if al Maliki (sp?) or whomever adopts Saddam Hussein like measures of brutal repression. And we don’t want our soldiers helping out with that.

We may be winning, I sure couldn’t tell you. If there is no clear point, though, where everyone *but* the Iraqi army and security forces lays down their weapons, soon, then our next president (whoever it is) will feel a lot of pressure to bring the troops home. Serious Vietnam-protest type pressure.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: I have said this before, liberals should have stayed awake in History class instead of getting stoned and complaining about why do they need this old people's stuff. S. Korea was a total wreck in 1953. Total wreck! Far more than Iraq. And look at S. Korea today. Thanks to the guarantee of US troops. And the US benefited also. So yes we keep troops in Iraq for however long it takes to ensure the peace.

cathcatz said...

for you, john, or anyone else to think that we get all of the news about what is happening in iraq and afghanistan is totally naive. did you know that more soldiers died in afghanistan last month than in iraq? you will see that as some sort of victory in iraq, but its not. afghanistan, the war that we are supposed to be fighting, is underfunded, under-supplied, under-covered and under-reported. we actually have reporters working for the major networks who CANNOT get their stories on to the broadcast. they are imbedded with the troops, still! but WE don't care to hear about the depressing news coming out of the middle east. the american public doesn't want to hear about the war anymore. it's not the liberals who don't want to hear. its all of you flag-waving conservatives who wanted this war in the worst way, its all of your advertisers who sponsor the news that don't want the truth to come out. YOU don't want to hear anything unless it's "good news". these wars have been sanitized for your protection. what are your news sources? seriously? fox? rush? cnn? we are NOT getting the news!!!

our media in this country SUCK! they would rather eulogize pumpkinhead for 3 days then cover the escape of 400 taliban in afghanistan, or the take-over of afghani villages by those same men. are you kidding me??? why? because the american public is tired of hearing about this war.

buyer's remorse?