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May 28, 2009

Non-Political Blog Post

From an undisclosed location...

Yesterday my lovely wife and I got to sample some pizza from Lombardi's in Little Italy. I'd heard for frickin years ovuh hee about how oo fuhgeddaboudit Lombardi's was the greatest frickin pizza in the whole frickin woild, hands down, end of discussion.

But I grew up in the pizza-shadow of Pepe's Pizza and the rest of the Southern Connecticut Abeetz crowd; Sally's and Modern Apizza (both in New Haven), Bimonte's and Sorrento's, (both in Hamden), Angelo's and Grand Apizza, (both in North Haven).

So how does Lombardi's stack up to my hometown favorite?

It's pretty awesome pizza and I can understand how it's supporters could rate it best but it's also a very very close second in my humble opinion.

And trust me, it's far far better than Pittsburgh pizza.

It's just not quite as good as New Haven pizza. Close but no cigar.

There are two things you take from this blog: "Never get involved in a land war in Asia." and "Never go in against a Neapolitan when pizza is on the line!"



Sherry Pasquarello said...

i'm calbrese. i like the pizza from a teeny little place on dorseyville road called "the upper crust" believe me, it's good!!!

and the white pizza from jd's pub at the bottom of hart's run and saxonburg blvd is my favorite white pizza.

Pittsburgh Guy said...

I've had many a Sal's and Pepe pie as well as Ocean Pizza in New London. Personally I'll take Mineo's and Aiello's. I know that is a bit sacreligeous coming from someone who lived in Connecticut years ago. I also find Minutello's surprisingly good if you prefer a sit down, old fashioned tacky atmosphere. I do miss the paper stapled over the pizza though.

Maria said...

David: Maybe you should have tried John's Pizza on Bleeker (coal-fired, brick oven).

I had some really yummy pizza in Rome: tasty crust, no sauce to speak of, fresh mozzarella and prosciutto (I'm not a big fan of slopping on a ton of sauce).

Also, I do miss your average NYC cheesy greaseball pizza -- you ask for extra cheese in Pgh and it's still less than a regular cheese pizza in NY. Also, you can get real zeppolis there, not the crappy heavy-as-brick fried pizza dough balls you get in da burgh.

But the VERY BEST PIZZA EVER was Lupe's Pizza on Butler Street in Lawrenceville. That was my grandparents' pizzeria which has been gone for some 35 years. My grandfather's people were from Calabria and my Grandmother's from Abruzzo. The pizza was Sicilian-style and the crust was the tastiest I've ever eaten (and not too much sauce).

Maria said...

I forgot to add this comment about that "Never go in against a Neapolitan when pizza is on the line!" line:


Dayvoe said...

Don't worry Maria, NOT being Neapolitan is nothing to be ashamed of.