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May 28, 2009

Pittsburgh to host G20 Summit

I've got to stop just skimming the subject lines in my inbox...

From the White House Media Affairs Office:
Fact Sheet: United States to Host Next G20 Summit in Pittsburgh

The United States will host the next G20 Summit September 24-25, 2009, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the Pittsburgh Summit, President Obama will meet with leaders representing 85 percent of the world’s economy to take stock of progress made since the Washington and London Summits and discuss further actions to assure a sound and sustainable recovery from the global economic and financial crisis.

About the G20

Invited leaders represent approximately 85% of the world’s GDP and come from all regions of the globe. The United Nations Secretary General and heads of International Financial Institutions and appropriate International Organizations and groupings also participate.

G20 finance ministers have met regularly to coordinate policy since the Asian financial crisis in the 1990’s. At the leaders level, the G20 is not an institutionalized process, but a response to the global economic and financial crisis. The G20 leaders held their first summit in Washington in November 2008 and met again in April in London.

How the Pittsburgh Summit Came About

At the meeting in London in April, leaders decided that, given the nature of the crisis and the importance of a robust response, it would be useful to meet again in September to assess the status of the economy and to discuss further actions. With leaders already scheduled to be in the United States in September to attend the United Nations General Assembly, President Obama offered to host the Summit and leaders of the G20 welcomed the invitation.

About the Summit Location

Pittsburgh has demonstrated a commitment to employing new and green technology to further economic recovery and development. The Summit will be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh, an exemplar of that commitment. The facility is proud to have a LEED Gold Certification from the U.S Green Building Council for leadership in energy and environmental design.
And, don't forget that Pittsburgh will be host to Netroots Nation in August.


Pittsburgh Guy said...

Give a guy some good pancakes and see what he does to return the favor.

Clyde Wynant said...

According to the satiric site, My Tabloids, Luke isn't happy...


Joshua said...

Remind me to avoid Downtown when the anarchists come. I unfortunately cannot avoid Oakland (I live and work here).

Ol' Froth said...

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! I just know I'm gonna have to work this! So please, stay away! I don't want to be forced to beat the asses of people I like!

Remember, YOU can avoid this. I cannot!

Maria said...

Poor Froth!

I hate to say it but this song has been going through my head since I heard the news.

Maybe you can take some comfort that POG has nothing up yet about this on their web site...

Sherry Pasquarello said...

don't worry froth. i doubt i'll be there. but if i were, i'd go quietly. you wouldn't want to have to beat up a little gramma. ; )

Joshua said...

I was actually thinking about this classic Tenacious D song.