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May 15, 2009

Post-Gazette Slams Councilor Smith for False Flier

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette makes it clear that they did not endorse Theresa Smith in the race for Pittsburgh City Council District 2 -- they endorsed Georgia Blotzer -- twice.

They had to make it clear as Smith has been distributing completely misleading fliers to voters:
Campaign fliers being distributed by city Councilwoman Theresa Smith in her bid to be renominated in Tuesday's primary have left a bad taste in our mouths here on the Post-Gazette Editorial Board.


Nonetheless, after voters chose Ms. Smith, we published a congratulatory message welcoming her to council and wishing her well in the tasks ahead. It is that editorial that Ms. Smith has reproduced on campaign material, under the headline: "Endorsed Democrat for City Council." It is true that she was backed by the local party committee, but the reprinting of our editorial below it suggests to many that she was endorsed by the newspaper.

So we'll reiterate. The Post-Gazette endorses Georgia Blotzer for City Council because we believe she is the strongest candidate for District 2 Democrats and would best serve the city as a whole.
Read the full editorial here.

Kudos again to Bram for posting the fliers!

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