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May 16, 2009

Ravenstahl, Smith & Reilly Falsely Claim Post-Gazette Endorsements

Pittsburgh's in the middle of an epidemic, folks, but it ain't the Swine Flu. It's mendacious pols with misleading fliers which make it appear as if the Post-Gazette endorsed them when that is in fact A BIG FAT LIE.

Only yesterday the P-G ran an editorial blasting City Councilwoman Theresa Smith for her deceptive fliers which claimed a P-G endorsement when they had in fact endorsed Georgia Blotzer for Council District 2...twice. Now the P-G reports that Lil Mayor Luke and Patrick Reilly are in on the act. They all juxtapose the Post-Gazette logo on their fliers to make it appear as an endorsement. (Is their some dank basement or dark alley where these folks meet to compare notes on how best to lie to voters?)

Let's review:
  • The P-G endorsed Patrick Dowd for Mayor, not Lukey Steelerstahl Bathroomstahl WTFenstahl Ravenstahl.

  • The P-G endorsed Georgia Blotzer for City Council District 2, not Theresa Smith Kail-Smith Smith.

  • The P-G endorsed Natalia Rudiak for City Council District 4, not Patrick "Who?" Reilly.




    Anonymous said...

    Luke Ravenstahl also did not back Patrtick Reilly...he is backing Anthony Coghill...Reilly would like you to believe that he and the Mayor are together when in fact they aren't.

    Maria said...

    Who cares? LOL

    Your buddies Luke and Theresa still LIED.

    Maria said...

    Oh, and if they will lie about something like this, what won't they lie about?

    EdHeath said...

    It's funny, the PG endorsement doesn't seem to mean so much recently (DeSantis?), it being bad enough someone I know calling it "the kiss of death". Yet now these various candidates are so sure the public can be fooled they will go ahead and make stuff up. And they are probably right, unless there is an indictment, the PG can scream from the refters and the TV stations won't carry it. Even if the local TV news does carry it, how many Pittsburghers zone out the middle ten minutes before the sports and weather?

    Matt H Exposed said...

    Matt - You are right. Liar Luke is backing Liar Coghill.

    Why is Coghill a liar? He lied about being in the Beechview Merchants Association.

    He has soiled the trust of the people even before election day. For the politicians that Matt supports, even that's hard to do.

    Perhaps Matt, as Anthony's campaign manager could directly address this untruth? So how about it Matt? Or are you just an empty suit?

    Gloria said...

    Questioning the integrity of candidates who would lie about an endorsement like this is the first step.

    My second step is wondering about their lack of intellect - what kind of ignoramus lies about something that is so easily fact checked?

    Two words for you candidates: teh interwebs.

    Anonymous said...

    "He lied about being in the Beechview Merchants Association.

    Anthony was in the BMA but he does not talk about his association there nor do we use it on our stump speech or in our literature.

    Maria said...


    "My second step is wondering about their lack of intellect - what kind of ignoramus lies about something that is so easily fact checked?"The kind of person who assumes that they'll fool enough voters to make it worth their while and the kind of person who's used to lying constantly and getting away with it often enough to make it worth their while to lie one mo' time.

    But your thought had occurred to me too and whenever someone lies that blatantly, I always think of a scene from the movie "All About Eve":

    AddisonDe Witt: San Francisco has no Shubert Theater. You've never been to San Francisco! That was a stupid lie, easy to expose, not worthy of you.

    Eve Harrington: I had to get in to meet Margo! I had to say something, be somebody, make her like me!

    Eve's an actor and a bit of a sociopath -- she should have went into politics!

    Speaking of which, Lukey is on my TV now in one of his endless ads.

    Unknown said...

    "Anthony was in the BMA but he does not talk about his association there"

    Coghill has REPEATEDLY talked about this brilliant marketing plan of his that he implemented as vice president of BMA. (The one where he takes a survey and then calls up businesses in the phone book and asks them to relocate into the district.)

    He also clearly told the Post Gazette editorial board that he was involved there.

    He explained why he hasn't been involved lately by saying that when you have 8 to 10 people sitting around the table, that's not the kind of environment where he can get anything done. (Sound like any other job that he's not qualified to hold?)

    tj said...

    Who cares about the PG endorsement. It's a joke it doesn't matter it doesn't get votes. I'm sure the candidates never meant to imply they recieved the dumb endorsement, it really doesn't matter. It's over so Matt get over it as well.