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July 18, 2010

New Tom Corbett Video (Sashay Shante)

Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett -- refusing to back down on his claim that the jobless in Pennsylvania are having too good a time living the high life on unemployment to get up off their lazy butts and get one of the jobs that "are there" -- upped the ante today releasing the following web-only video to PA residents:

You better work, PA bitchez !
(Now, turn to the Right.)

Capitol Ideas looks deeper into Corbett's remarks here.

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EdHeath said...

Your unemployment compensation is a fixed percentage of your previous wage (I want to say two thirds). Meanwhile, unless you have a spouse who can put you on his/her medical coverage, then you have to pay some huge amount for medical coverage under COBRA.

There are probably a few people who do like the idea of just getting unemployment, but for the vast majority of us (myself included) it is a deeply terrifying time. Myself, I did what an employment expert told me and used the web six hours a day to try to find a job. I was lucky and found temp jobs to make the unemployment last, but I still spent about three hours a day when I was a temp looking for the permanent job. All told it took a year and a half.

This was the topic for discussion on the KD/PG Sunday edition. An employment person said on that program that to qualify for extended unemployment benefits, people have to detail their job hunting activities.

I think Corbett owes some people some apologies.