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December 17, 2015

Chuck McCullough Update (He Was Sentenced Today!)

From Santoni of the Trib:
Judge David A. Cashman sentenced McCullough to 2 1⁄2 to five years in prison Thursday followed by three years of probation for stealing $50,000 from the $14 million estate of his former client, Shirley Jordan. The money went to support Republican political campaigns and a charity his wife directed but was returned when the donations were investigated.

“Your actions were fueled by ego and self-interest. ... You've brought shame upon yourself and upon our profession, solely for your own political purposes,” said Common Pleas Judge David Cashman before sentencing McCullough to six to 12 months for each of his five felony theft convictions. Under a program for first-time offenders, he could be eligible for release after about two years.
We've written here numerous times about how frickin long it took the frickin trial to frickin start and while I am sure Chuck was not responding specifically to anything written here (let me just say that I would be completely surprised if he, in fact, has ever visited here) he did address the gap in time.

See if you can spot the apology that isn't all that it's supposed to be:
“I personally apologize to you and the Court of Common Pleas for any undue delay that may be attributable to me and my vigorous defense,” McCullough said. “I certainly meant no harm to Mrs. Jordan.”
It's the word "vigorous" that's the thing - do you see it?  By calling his defense that, he's saying that while the delay may have been "undue" it was still necessary.  Or I could be wrong.

Whether I am right is meaningless as Chuck's still going away for at least 2 years.


Ol' Froth said...

As I noted earlier, had he not engaged in all these delaying tactics, he's have served his sentence already. Heck, if he hadn't pissed off the judges with the feet dragging, he probably wouldn't be sentenced to serve consecutive terms.

Ed Heath said...

Justice delayed still turns out to be justice. I dunno if the State has minimum security prisons (although I wouldn't be surprised) and when Mr McCullough gets out he could just retire (since one assumes his law license is gone).

But justice delayed still turns out to be justice.