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December 20, 2015

Hey It's A Jennifer Graham Update!

Remember Jennifer Graham?  She's the one who wrote this only six months ago at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Bruce Jenner, hunky Olympian turned femme fatale, is the elephant in the room for conservatives, and that’s not speaking figuratively.

Bruce, now Caitlyn, identifies as both a woman and a Republican, flummoxing would-be critics in the GOP who will need every vote in 2016. Since the Vanity Fair cover emerged with Mr. Jenner’s new, womanly visage, they have been mostly quiet, save for Fox News host Neil Cavuto, who growled on air, “Rome. Final days. But that’s fine.”

Actually, it’s not fine for many Americans, who view gender dysphoria as a psychiatric disorder, not a laudable lifestyle choice. To them, the Annie Leibovitz depiction of a beguiling Caitlyn in a corset, legs coyly crossed, arms tucked behind her as if bound, is a Photoshopped finger in the face. Worse, they — unlike Mr. Jenner — are forbidden authenticity of response. Faced with the omnipresent image of a person who is female from the waist up, male from the belly button down, they are ridiculed as bigots if they suggest, in the quietest of voices, that such a person would have headlined the tragic freak shows in carnivals of old.
Caused a bit of an uproar, remember?

There was the OPJ:
Murderers have received better treatment in the pages of the P-G than we see given to Caitlyn Jenner. And for what? Clickbait? Some calculated attempt to not be labeled too liberal a paper?

Really, why was this column seen as fit to be published? Especially when so many transgender people are either bullied into committing suicide or outright murdered by people with the same attitudes expressed in this piece.
And a whole mess of other folks seriously pissed off.  Enough that I wrote up a round up of the media coverage and posted it here.  Coverage about JennyG's story even went national.  For whatever it's worth, I said of the column, "holy crap, that's one piece of mean."

So why am I telling you this?

Seems that JennyG has moved on to some less-Yinzerish pastures.  From her website:
I’m a writer, editor, runner, mom x4, addicted to strong coffee, sunshine and pecans. My day job is at The Deseret News, where I cover health and wellness.
Google "Jennifer Graham" and "Post-Gazette" and among the hits will be her LinkedIn page where you can read this:
Jennifer Graham is a health and wellness writer for The Deseret News. A former associate editor and columnist for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and op-ed columnist for The Boston Globe, she also reviews books for The Hippo in Manchester, N.H.
So I guess that confirms it: Jennifer Graham is no longer a Post-Gazette Columnist.

And what's this "Deseret News"?  From their website:
The Deseret News ( is the first news organization and the longest continuously-operating business in the state of Utah. Owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The Deseret News offers news, information, commentary, and analysis from an award-winning and experienced team of reporters, editors, columnists, and bloggers. Its mission is to be a leading news brand for faith and family oriented audiences in Utah and around the world.
Ok, then.

Best of luck, Jenny, with that new "health and wellness" column in Utah.  But to me you'll always be the new P-G columnist who announced her presence at the party by walking in, saying hello and then promptly shitting on the carpet. 

May your Caitlyn Jenner piece cling to you forever.


Ol' Froth said...

I see a "Silver Sow" in her future.

Ol' Froth said...

Now if only the P-G could do something about Ruth Ann Dailey.