Democracy Has Prevailed.

October 21, 2016

A Pat Toomey Update (And NON-Update) Regarding Donald Trump

We have something of an update from yesterday.

Yesterday, Donald Trump, the GOP candidate for president of these United States said this:
I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election — if I win
Of course he yammered a lil' bit about following the rules and such, but the message was clear as it always was.  To Donald Trump and his deplorable supporters, if he loses, it's because the election is rigged.

No one serious believes that.

Not even our Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey:
Pat Toomey may not be ready to say whether he plans to vote for Donald Trump, but he was unequivocal on one talking point that has dominated the Republican presidential nominee's recent speeches.

"People have to believe the election reflected the wishes of the American people," Pennsylvania's incumbent U.S. senator said Wednesday. "I am confident it will and we should not be propagating any notion that it won't."
Ah...but you'll note the first sentence.

Even with all of that, even with the grand assault on the democracy that Trump's threat represents, Pat Toomey is still not ready to say he won't vote for the small-handed pussy-grabber.


Pat's position hasn't changed:

His reasoning?  Hillary Clinton is even worse.

He gives reasons (all of which turn out to be false):
  • Clinton's supposed dishonesty (even though Politifact rates Clinton as massively more truthful than Trump)
  • The supposed corruption of the Clinton Foundation (even though Charity Watch and Charity Navigator each give the foundation glowing reviews .  The Trump foundation looks like a slush fund.)
  • The supposed illegality of the emails (even though as we all know that while the the director of the FBI said the handling of the email was careless, there wasn't enough there to warrant charges)
So Pat, are you still of the opinion that Hillary Clinton is more unacceptable than your fellow republican who's actually challenging one of the foundations of our republic?



Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

I have debunked your Politifact and FBI cleared Clinton talking points multiple times.
I am sure Toomey will agree with me so your talking points

Politifact keep give false rating because someone quotes Clinton and the Clinton says it was not what she meant and is out of context.
Clinton Foundation 2% helping people 98% Travel and administrative Salaries.

Iron City said...

I think you have your Clinton Foundation proportions reversed, more like 98% on projects helping people and 2% administration.

The emails from State Department days is, to anyone who actually works with classified national security information, a bit of a head shaker but not a suprise. The private server was not a bright thing to do, but the supposedly highly sensitive information in the emails that I've seen are a big so what. State is well known to have some weird situations dealing with classified by the very nature of it's business and the systems that it has (or doesn't have) to conduct business with.

I am much more concerned with a real estate developer who hasn't the foggiest idea how the U.S. government runs, a very imaginative notion of what the President can do, and a very modest grasp on reality and truth somehow becoming President.