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October 20, 2016

Is Senator Pat Toomey STILL "Unpersuaded"?

I have a question for my senator, Senator Pat Toomey:

After last night's debate, are you still "unpersuaded" as to whether it's the right thing to do to finally say that you definitely won't vote for Trump?

Until you say that, sir, he's still your guy and you're still on his team.

What happened last night?

From the New York Times::
In a remarkable statement that seemed to cast doubt on American democracy, Donald J. Trump said Wednesday that he might not accept the results of next month’s election if he felt it was rigged against him — a stand that Hillary Clinton blasted as “horrifying” at their final and caustic debate on Wednesday.
And then, a few paragraphs later:
Every losing presidential candidate in modern times has accepted the will of the voters, even in extraordinarily close races, such as when John F. Kennedy narrowly defeated Richard M. Nixon in 1960 and George W. Bush beat Al Gore in Florida to win the presidency in 2000.

Mr. Trump insisted, without offering evidence, that the general election has been rigged against him, and he twice refused to say that he would accept its result.

“I will look at it at the time,” Mr. Trump said. “I will keep you in suspense.”
Talkingpoints Memo even points out, Senator, that even your friends at Fox News "can't paper over" this one:
The criticisms of Donald Trump refusal to say that he would accept the results of the election were broad and impassioned, with even pundits on Fox News calling his answer at Wednesday's night's debate "political suicide," " a totally wrong answer" and "not the way we play politics."
This is some serious shit, Pat (can I call you "Pat"?).  You have to know it is.

Your guy is crapping all over a couple of decades of democratic tradition - the tradition that whatever the political differences between the two presidential candidates, they'd each have enough respect for the process to accept it's outcome when the votes are counted.

Until now.

Basically, Pat, your guy just said, "Well if I like the outcome, then I'll accept it.  If not, all bets are off."

Imagine what his (and by default, in Pennsylvania, some of your) voters must be thinking right now.  Imagine what November 9th will look like if Trump loses and if he doesn't accept the will of the people.

So, Pat, are you STILL on the fence about voting for Donald Trump?

What else do you need to know to get off of that damned fence and do the right thing?


Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

"Imagine what November 9th will look like if Trump looses and if he doesn't accept the will of the people."
It will look like this.
Last week Hillary agreed that Gore ‘won’ 2000 election

Funny to see Progressives who cited Trump stolen tax returns, say ignore wikileaks and the Project Veritas Hidden Cam Video because they were obtained illegally (stolen/edited/illegally wiretapped).

Ol' Froth said...