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December 20, 2016

Tell Your LGBTQ Story at #AMPLIFY

Amplify LGBTQ is a storytelling project in the form of a series of blog posts that gives participants the chance to share their lived experiences as LGBTQ people in Western Pennsylvania in their own voices. It highlights the voices of marginalized members of the LGBTQ community who are not always invited to the table or whose voices are not heard.

The project is the brainchild of Sue Kerr at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents and was started in May of 2015.

Contributors who are 18 years of age and older and who have ties to Western Pennsylvania share their experiences through the AMPLIFY Q&A. The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete. Participants have the option to use a pseudonym or their real names and decide whether or not to share photos.

Bitch Media called AMPLIFY a cool project -- and we agree! So far, they have shared 179 stories. Please help them get to 200 by contributing your story or by passing along the links to others in your circle.

You can find all the links (archived stories, online Q&A, donate button, etc.) at

They also just started selling T-shirts to raise funds for the project, so if you're looking for a last minute Xmas gift, check the shirts out here.

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