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August 5, 2021

Wendy Bell Pushes Anti-Vaxx Info As "Truth"

Seems like we've done this too many times.

Oh, well.

Let's take a look at yesterday's BS board, broadcast live from the lovely wood-paneled basement at Wendy Bell's house. 

Looks like this:

Let me point out something already tweeted by Brother Jon:

As you can see at the not-so-tippy top of the BS board, Wendy has written:


The only problem, and this is something Jon pointed out, is that that's not a webpage.

In fact, "The Defender" is the name of the  "News, Views & Community" page at the Children's Health Defense:

It's a notorious source of anti-vaxx material. It's one of the "Disinformation Dozen" in fact.

You'd think that someone (and right now I am snarkily referring to Wendy Bell) who claims to have all her facts straight wouldn't make such a newbie mistake, but there you have it.

Then there's her numbers. 

Where did these numbers come from?

This page at the CDC.

And of course Wendy leaves out some very important information from that exact page.

Of those 1,263 deaths, there's this:

309 (24%) of 1,263 fatal cases reported as asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19. [Emphasis added.]

Of the 6,239 hospitalizations, there's this:

1,598 (26%) of 6,239 hospitalizations reported as asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19.

Then there's this arcing over the top of all those numbers:

As of July 26, 2021, more than 163 million people in the United States had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

During the same time, CDC received reports from 49 U.S. states and territories of 6,587 patients with COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infection who were hospitalized or died.

Sixty-five hundred out of 163 million? And Wendy is saying that this is proof that the vaccines aren't working?

In any case, the CDC is upfront about the solidity of the numbers:

The number of COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections reported to CDC likely are an undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons. National surveillance relies on passive and voluntary reporting, and data might not be complete or representative. These surveillance data are a snapshot and help identify patterns and look for signals among vaccine breakthrough cases.

Information Wendy Bell thinks is being covered up. And yet it's right there. Right below the numbers she dishonestly used to discredit the vaccines.

Do I need to go any further through her BS?  I think not. 

About an hour into yesterday's misinformation lecture, Wendy Bell says:

I am deeply concerned. Fully everyone in my extended family is fully vaccinated.I am deeply concerned about what this implies for the people I love. For people I don't love but I care about, too. Among my neighbors, my community. Ladies and gentlemen, something is wrong. Either the vaccine doesn't work or the vaccine is making this worse.
There's another possibility, of course. The vaccines are working, Wendy Bell is misinforming her adoring public by lying about the numbers and as a result more people will be getting very very sick.

What is so hard about telling the truth, Wendy?

Wendy Bell, the Angel of Death.