Democracy Has Prevailed.

May 9, 2022

Quick Wendy Blogpost

Wendy Bell, The Angel of Death, said something crazie about something or other today. I don't know what it was. I wasn't watching.

There's a whole slew of brave souls on twitter who'll do that for you, by the way, but this blog post doesn't concern my friends over at the Wendy Bell Watch.

No, right now I want to focus on a section of today's BS Board:

Apparently Wendy was wanking on some sort of "appearance vs reality" argument.

Again, not important. But there's a problem with Wendy's first "Fact" example:

Doxxing of

Do you see the problem?

Give the fact that Wendy Bell doxxed someone on her show once, she should probably never, ever mention anyone else's doxxing ever.

Here's what happened. A woman called Sierra Experts, one of Wendy's sponsors and complained about Wendy. And then Wendy herself explains what happened next:

That woman left, what she thought was an anonymous phone call at my advertisers. Well, my advertisers are really smart people. And they don't like it when people they don't know, who aren't customers of theirs, try to browbeat them into submission to join "Joe Biden's America." So one of my advertisers managed to unravel the no-caller ID private line blocked number and I got to see the number. 

So my team did a reverse search, found out who the woman was, did some digging, found some audio of her, did a cross reference check of the audio. You gotta make sure who you're talking about if you're gonna go on and say, "This is what's going on here."

And then this is how I wrote about it then:

Wendy Bell found a picture of the woman and showed it to her vast adoring audience. On her BS board, she'd written the woman's name, phone number, work place and, according to my buddy Jon, coiner of the term "Radio Karen," told her listeners to harass the woman who called Sierra Experts (who, by the way, can be reached at 412 378-8333).
Wendy Bell doxxed a critic. Wendy Bell doxxed a critic. Wendy Bell doxxed a critic. 

Say it one more time with feeling:

Wendy Bell. Doxxed. A. Critic.