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July 10, 2018

A Note About This Week's Toomey Letter

This week's letter was about yet another stupid tweet from the orange vulgarity currently infesting the White House (Dayvoe, some civility, please!) rather than his nomination of one of the authors of The Starr Report to the Supreme Court.

Indeed, last night, Senator Toomey tweeted:
However, seeing that the question from last week's letter still applies regardless of the nominee:
Given that Trump is the subject of an FBI investigation into any links between the Russian government and his campaign and any matters connected to that (which would, I assume, include any potential obstruction of justice), do you think it wise for him to be able to appoint anyone to the Supreme Court until this investigation has concluded? Any by that I mean, as part of the ongoing investigation legal questions will inevitably arise (Can a sitting president be subpoenaed? indicted? If he can't be for federal crimes, can he be subpoenaed/indicted for state crimes?) that will need to be answered by the Supreme Court. How is it not a conflict of interest for Trump to, in effect, pick one of his own judges? What if the person he picks just happens to be the swing vote in his favor?
Especially since Kavanaugh's on the record saying that a sitting president should not be indicted.

Hmm - is it any wonder Trump picked him?

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Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

Dayvoe believes that Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court seat was stolen from Obama. Wants to steal Trump's Supreme Court seat as payback.

LIE!!!! he was just quoting Josh Marshall:
As Rep. Adam Schiff put it yesterday on Twitter, Mitch McConnell's historically unprecedented and constitutionally illegitimate decision to block President Obama from nominating anyone a year before he left office was the real nuclear option. The rest is simply fallout. Senate Republicans had the power to do this. But that doesn't make it legitimate. The seat was stolen. Therefore Gorsuch's nomination is itself illegitimate since it is the fruit of the poisoned tree.