Democracy Has Prevailed.

January 7, 2021

No, Yesterday Was NOT a Protest. It WAS Domestic Terrorism.

This was domestic terrorism - aided and abetted by Donald J Trump.

This is the result of populist passions stoked for more than four years by Trump and his enablers in the media and and in the government. This is the end result of a political movement nurtured by endless manipulations of the truth by those enablers.

And it continues:

The "facts bear me out" - what the fuck does THAT mean? Does he STILL believe he won? Does he STILL believe the "election was stolen" from him and his followers?

Yes, of course he does. And that's probably why you don't see the word "concede" in that statement.

Anyone who ever supported Donald Trump's presidency bears some responsibility for yesterday. No one gets to whitewash their complicity. No one. If you supported the noxious idea that there was voter fraud, you're complicit. If you defended him during his impeachment, you're complicit. If you're among the "yay" votes here, you're complicit. If you were at a rally to "stop the steal", you're complicit.

But complicity and responsibility are not the same thing. Donald Trump is responsible for yesterday. And he should be tried and convicted to the fullest extent of the law.

Lock HIM up. Now.