Democracy Has Prevailed.

November 20, 2021

Don't Get Mommy Mad (Wendy Bell On Kyle Rittenhouse)

After Rittenhouse verdict yesterday, Wendy Bell took to the FBwaves and aired her own take on the zeitgeist.

As Jon tweeted:

Wendy Bell, fired for advocating the shooting of peaceful protesters, celebrates Kyle Rittenhouse as having more “stones” than any human being out there….with her teenage son in the car next to her.

She says in the video that she was taking her son to get his driving permit. 

And to that I have to say, whah???

She's getting her son a guv'ment-approved road-passport?

Doesn't Wendy Bell believe in freedom?

What authority does the guv'ment have telling her that her son can't drive on the tax-payer funded roads with out some sort of guv'ment approval? What is this, Russia? Isn't this Amurika where "freedom" means that people are free to do as they wish with no concern for anyone else?

Doesn't she, as her son's parent, have the only authority to determine when he's capable of driving on those tax-payer funded roads? As his parent she knows her son's driving capabilities much better than some unelected do-gooder guv'ment bureaucrat, amirite?

I can hear all the the
communist socialist Marxist assholes say, "But it's about public safety!"

To that any "common sense conservative" (like Wendy Bell) should say that if people want to feel safe and protected on the roads around newbie drivers like her son, it's up to them to protect themselves on the road.
The guv'ment has no authority to mandate collective action to ensure public safety, amirite?  

It's not their responsibility to make sure the public is safe from bad driving and any such action the guv'ment takes to do so is a tyrannical encroachment on individual rights because each of us should trusted to be responsible for taking care of ourselves.

"I do me and you do you," they'd surely say. Amirite?

She and her son should be able to walk and drive as free people. Send that road-passport back to Hell where Satan spawned it!

(Wendy, if you don't get what I am mocking here you really need to check your meds.) 

But back to Wendy's rant.

At 2:09 she says:

These are human beings and anyone out there who wants to say, "Kyle Rittenhouse made a decision to go be a vigilante and cross state lines and blah-blah-blah, yadda yadda yadda. 

You know what? That young man had more stones than I think the vast majority of human beings on planet earth anymore.

Look at all these keyboard warriors who get on to criticize you, me, him, whatever. 

Addressing those "warriors" (like me, presumably) she continues:

Have you ever been in an actual situation where it mattered what you did? Have you ever actually stood up and taken action when shit was going wrong? Have ever actually done or do you just sit back and criticize?

Well, actually no. But then again, I've never crossed state lines, put on body armor, armed myself with a military-style weapon, gone looking for trouble at a protest and, after having found it, shot three human beings (killing two of them) all without any sort of legal accountability. I'm not a vigilante. And what happened in Wisconsin was not Justice.

But nothing in your charge negates in anyway my right to criticize you, Wendy. For you are endorsing Rittenhouse's behavior.

Wendy continues:

And for Bill de Blay-sio Blah-sio whatever that hack Marxist wants to say - to go on twitter and to say and to repeat the fallacies that have been debunked repeatedly? That CNN and MSNBC and all of the morons who follow these communist socialist Marxist assholes?

It's reprehensible.
It's reprehensible.

Hmm...repeating debunked fallacies. Now where have I heard any debunked fallacies lately?

From you, Wendy. Good psychological projection though. Very subtle and not at all obvious.

Anyway, the timestamp on the video shows that Wendy was broadcasting this at about 3:08 pm on Friday.

She's responding to this tweet of Mayor de Blasio (note the time):

And about 2 hours later (more importantly 40 minutes before Wendy's rant) he tweeted:

The far-right trolls who think it makes a difference whether a violent gunman got his weapon before or after he crossed state lines are missing the point: two people are dead and their killer is left unaccountable. That’s not justice and they know it.

 Did you miss that, Wendy? That was the point he was making, Wendy.

Two human beings were killed (and one more was wounded), Wendy, by the young man you laud as having "more stones" than most anyone else because of those killings.

That's reprehensible, Wendy. Reprehensible.

Wendy Bell, still the Angel of Death.