What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 24, 2004

Fox News Journalist of the Week

Today on "DaySide with Linda Vester" Canadian Journalist Scott Taylor who had been kidnapped in Northern Iraq and managed to escape was interviewed by Ms. Vester. In the course of the interview it was revealed that Mr. Taylor had been handed over to the kidnappers by American-paid Iraqi police and that he and his captors moved easily throughout Iraq in full sight of Iraqi police.

Upon hearing this, Linda Vester first asked for clarification and when Mr. Taylor confirmed that the Iraqi police (whom according to Bush and Allawi we will soon rely upon to run elections) were indeed collaborating with the insurgents, she quickly cut Taylor off and switched the subject to torture he endured in captivity.

No other questions were asked of Mr. Taylor about Iraqi police particpation by either Ms. Vester or the audience members.

And that is why we are awarding Linda Vester with the coveted:
Fox News Journalist of the Week Award

After all, it takes a REAL journalist to step all over and squash the bigger story to make sure you don't conflict with the Party Line on Iraq.

Congratulations to Linda!!

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