What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 12, 2004

Paper Trail

It's become apparent that the only real way to determine if the Killian Memos are legitimate or forgeries is to have experts view the original documents. To that end -- and at great monetary expense and possible risk to our very lives -- 2 Political Junkies has secured one of the original memos (see below) referenced in the 60 Minutes story.

OK, OK, no angry letters on the above 'document' puhleeeeze. But it did cross the mind of this political junkie that Karl Rove is more than capable of pulling off this type of dirty trick and Paul Begala floated the same theory on Crossfire later that day (that the memos were planted by the Republicans to create a distraction from the real story). Certainly the authenticity question of the Killian memos has shifted the focus of the story away from the legitimate questions about George Bush's Guard service brought up in the Boston Globe and US News & World Report.

But just in case you still care to decry the "obvious" forgery of the memos, check out the following discussions at Daily Kos (Thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3) and Eschaton.

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