What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 13, 2004

Bush Campaign Going Limp in PA? Pulling Out? Premature Ending?


Breaking news: Bush saying goodbye to Pa.?

Those of us here in Pennsylvania may not have George W. Bush to kick around anymore -- at least not in person. The New York Daily News -- which is traveling with the President in Arizona today -- says that no Pennsylvania TV markets were in Bush's top-ten spending list last month, and an aide has told the newspaper that no visits from W. to the Keystone State are in the works anytime soon.

If true, it would be a remarkable development considering that Bush has visited Pennsylvania as president some 39 times -- more than any other state. With 21 electoral votes, it's also the second biggest of the so-called battleground states after Florida. The Bush campaign, while acknowledging no trips are planned here as of today, said a pull-out is just "a rumor."

Recent polls have shown that Kerry may have pulled ahead here -- but not by a lot. While the Daily News' Keystone Poll shows the Democrat now up by 7 points, Kerry's lead in the recent Quinnipiac Poll is just 2 points, within the margin of error. But Al Gore did win Pa. by about 4 points in 2000, so it's possible that the GOP sees the writing on the wall in 2004.

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