What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 1, 2004

How Sweet It Is!

I'm posting so late because I was at a pro-Kerry debate watching party tonight (50+ people). Of course I thought that Kerry won hands down on both substance and style, but as much as I enjoyed the good company of the people I was with, I was eager to get home to really watch the post-debate spin and to get some idea how people who weren't Kerry partisans felt.

Having now watched a couple of hours of MSNBC, CNN and Fox and checking out the many online polls, I have to say that I am now thrilled to pieces. Even Joe Scarborough said that Kerry had won as did the group of undecided voters shown in Ohio. Moreover, the pro-Kerry supporters in the crowd on MSNBC were animated and gleeful as opposed to the pro-Bush supporters in the background on Fox.

Kerry is also winning on all the online post-debate polls (unscientific as they may be). Funny thing, Faux News doesn't seem to have one on their website. Further proof that Bush choked and Kerry won.

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