What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 12, 2004

Just For Fun

Below are two patterns for jack-o-lanterns (they are the easiest to carve patterns that I could find). Resize them accordingly for you pumpkin/s.

If you've never used a pattern before: tape pattern to pumpkin; transfer pattern to pumpkin by punching through circles (cheap pen works well); take off pattern sheet and (referring to sheet) carve out the dark portions.

Be creative! For example, you can add horns to Bush, or have a gummy worm crawl out of his mouth, or use a marker to draw the international sign for 'no' over him, or simply place a clown or dunce hat on the carved pumpkin.

Those less artistically inclined may want to just vote on pcjackolantern's Pumpkin Poll (one of the few polls where Bush still has a good lead).

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