What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 19, 2004

Life During Wartime:
Volunteering in a Battleground State

(Monday, October 18, 2004)

6:00 am: Finish putting up Halloween decorations outside house. This year, in addition to life-size skeletons, giant bat, and dripping blood effect, add life-size replica's of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld wearing Kerry buttons and holding sign saying "Four More Years? Now That's Scary!" "Bush is Scary. Vote for Kerry" signs in all windows facing street.

Never get around to eating breakfast.

8:30 am: Start work (FYI: I work from home)

9:00 am on: Notice Halloween display is literally stopping traffic. Continue working.

Noon: Receive call from PA Victory 04 asking me to call in to local radio show that's being visited by CNN and mention Kerry rally on Wednesday. Discuss phone banking done in my area over the weekend.

12:45 pm: Get on radio show after 30 minutes on hold. Mention website for Sinclair advertiser boycott and pickup locations for rally tickets.

1:00 pm: Receive call from WPA for Kerry requesting that I make signs for Sinclair protest. Continue working.

Never get around to eating lunch.

2:30 pm: Receive call from Hoeffel for Senate Campaign requesting that I work for them on election day -- inform them that I already am volunteering as Neighborhood Organizer for PA Victory 04.

3:00 pm to 3:45 pm: Make eight anti-Sinclair signs.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm: Receive more calls about logistics of getting signs to demonstration (can't leave work to attend myself). Continue working.

5:30 pm: Signs are picked up. Continue working.

5:45 pm: Receive call from PA Victory 04 informing me they've set aside 10 VIP tickets to rally for myself and my volunteers.

7:00 pm Finish working for the day.

7:05 pm: Receive call from WPA for Kerry thanking me for signs and telling me to watch Channel 4 news as they zoomed in on my "Faux News 53" sign mocking station logo.

7:30 pm: Receive another call from PA Victory 04 about rally.

7:45 - 8:35 pm: Read blogs. Blog on another blog.

9:00 pm: Realize it's too late to make any precinct phone calls. Eat dinner.

9:45 pm: Sign "Bush" was holding has "run" in the rain (despite inkjet printout being covered with plastic). Replace with Kerry yard sign.

10:00 pm: Nod off

11:30 pm - 12:00 am: Wake up in time to watch news on Fox 53 and Channel 4 and see reports on Sinclair protest...and my signs (news delayed on both channels due to sports events)

1:30 am: Nod off again

4:00 am: Wake up. Read blogs. Blog!


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