What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 10, 2004

Sinclair Update

Via Daily Kos:

Seems that the local stations (like 53 and 22 here in The Burgh) have no say in airing the Anti-Kerry film.

Kos gives e-mail addresses to the three guys in charge of this decision:

Mark Hyman(host)
David Smith (president)
JoeDeFeo (news director)
Phone numbers, too!

Main telephone: 410.568.1500
Main Fax: 410.568.1533

Drop 'em a line! I will!

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Liz said...

Even though local stations get their marching orders from above, I disagree that it's useless to voice your opinion with them. Calling a station and saying for example, "I'm a fan of show X but I'm considering not watching it anymore and boycotting your sponsors" will make those stations pass along the 'heat' to their owners.