What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 28, 2004

Vandals Rip Down My Display

Vandals ripped down my Halloween display the same day this article appeared about it:


I was in my living room at 10:00 PM and heard a big ripping noise (they were wired to the house).

I yelled "Hey!" and ran to the door.

I could hear a car peeling away but only caught a glimpse of the car at the corner before it was gone. Bush&Co were lying half in the gutter and half in the street (I believe that they were trying to haul them off with them).

I have had pretty elaborate (though nonpolitical) displays for years now and they've never been touched...

I've posted the "before" pictures before on this blog so I may as well post the "after" pictures:

Where they were.

One of the ripped wires

Where they are now.

I'm not certain if I'll put them back up (it wasn't that easy the first time). Any suggestions?


benzado said...

If you don't put them back up, the terrorists have won.

Maria said...

LOL! I have since made some plans but I will not reveal them here. Stay tuned!