What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 18, 2004

Been There, Done That

Washington Monthly had an excellent blog entry comparing the buildup to attacking Iran vs. what looks like a buildup to attacking Iraq:

GROUNDHOG DAY?....You know, I'm more than willing to believe that a nuclear-armed Iran would be a very bad thing indeed. But take a look at what's been going on just in the past few weeks:

  • The Israelis have made it clear that they believe Iran is fast becoming an
    imminent threat that justifies preemptive attack.
  • There's a multinational effort underway to persuade Iran to stop enriching
  • The Europeans think they've reached a solid agreement, but the United
    States remains skeptical.
  • An exile group is loudly claiming that the Iranians are lying and
    there's a secret enrichment facility the Europeans don't know about.
  • Liberal hawk Kenneth Pollack has a big new book out telling us how
    dangerous Iran is.?

I can't be the only one to think I've seen this script before, can I? Is real life turning into Groundhog Day?

—Kevin Drum

You can read Kevin Drum's post (with all the links included in the entry and the comments from readers) here:

Apparently Kevin is not the only one experiences deja vu.

A friend sent me the following screenshot of what was on AOL this morning:

Notice any problems?

This is my screenshot of the same story later this morning (different PC and different version of AOL):

Iran...Iraq...who can tell them apart?

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