What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 26, 2005

Ask Your Legislator to Send Your Chastity Belt Today!

Times have changed, but the Pennsylvania State Legislature has not. In 1999, the Pennsylvania State Legislature attempted to address the challenge of unintended pregnancy in our state. Did they promote comprehensive sex education, insurance coverage for birth control, or emergency contraception for rape survivors? No. They created "Chastity Awareness Week."

If our lawmakers want to make chastity our only option, shouldn't they give us the right accessories? Order your chastity belt from the Pennsylvania State Legislature TODAY! Then, ask for more than a chastity belt this year - ask them for real choices.

Chastity Belt: the way to not do it
In vogue in the Middle Ages, chastity belts are making a come back in PA! Get one today from the Pennsylvania State Legislature.

List Price: Priceless
Your Price: Compliments of the Pennsylvania State Legislature
You Save: Your chastity

Availability: made available through the Pennsylvania State Legislature since 1999.

Want it delivered Tomorrow? Don't let your chastity go one more day without protection. Order your belt TODAY HERE!

The Bush Dynasty wouldn't dream of loosening Jenna at an Inaugural Ball without one!

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