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January 14, 2005

A Case for Casey?

Daily KOS has a piece on a recent poll showing Bob Casey Jr. well ahead of Lil Ricky "Man on Dog Action" Santorum:

Casey Jr. top candidate for PA Senate race; roundup
by kos
Thu Jan 13th, 2005 at 11:17:27 PST

A poll (DSCC, probably) pitting various Democrats against Rick Santorum has generated some buzz in DC political circles. The exact numbers are hazy, but hover in the 52-38 range. The candidates? Bob Casey Jr. at 52 percent, and Santorum at 38. In fact, according to the poll, Casey would beat Rendell in a primary battle. Thankfully, that won't happen as Rendell is firmly focused on reelection to a second term as governor.

Santorum is quite obviously Democratic target numero uno, and there's no doubt that Santorum is far too conservative for Pennsylvania. He belongs more in Oklahoma with Wacky Tom Coburn than in moderate PA.
On the same topic, a recent article in "The Philadelphia Inquirer" featured a nifty map that shows where Casey won county by county -- proving him popular in both blue and red PA:

My problem with Casey? Waaay too "pro life" for my liking.

Would I vote for him over Santorum? In a heartbeat.

Would I actively campaign for him over Santorum? All things considered -- you betcha!

Would I campaign for him over a viable pro choice candidate in the Dem primaries? Not likely.

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PSoTD said...

Gonna be interesting to see who comes out on the Dem side to run against Santorum.