What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 21, 2005

Remind me again why I live in this city?

New Orleans mourned a new Bush Adminstration in their own unique way yesterday by having a
"Jazz Funeral for Democracy (A Wake for Peace)"

Their website is HERE

Here are some photos from the wake:


Scooter said...

Your blog isn't so bad, either! Thanks for commenting on my blog; I'm finally starting to get some traffic and dialogue brewing. I love the photo display at the top of the page! Very unique.

I had heard about the Jazz Funeral. I wish we had something like that here. I'm not really into the traditional protest scene, although I have respect for those who are willing to participate. But things like th funeral are different - great music and a great message too.

I will be sure to stop in regularly. Ever think of checking out Drinking Liberally?

Maria said...

Re: The 2pj heading, it's even now -- 50% hate it and 50% like it (that's with a total of two comments about it. lol)

Re: Drinking Liberally. That's on the North Side, like the Pgh Webblogger get-togethers, right? Too bad I am not allowed to cross any rivers. Actually, I don't drive, but maybe I'll make it out there sometime.