What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 14, 2005

Jeff's Been A Bad, Bad Boy

AMERICAblog has all the X-rated pics and links that Jeff Gannon didn't want anyone to see (too bad they didn't use that naked photo of Jeff urinating for his official White House Press Pass).

So is Jeff the actual whore (and not just your run-of-the-mill media whore) who committed the crime of exposing Valerie Plame? Maybe someone should volunteer to pay him his old weekend escort rate of $1,200 and find out during the "pillow talk."

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Scooter said...

Amazing. A whore literally and metaphorically.

Ol' Froth said...

Don't ask, don't tell! But now we know he told!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is just soooo rich.

Maria said...

Can you imagine the coverage by the SCLM if Jeffy was throwing softballs at Clinton?

And then the jokes that would be made on the late night shows that Monica wasn't the only one blowing him...