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February 23, 2005

Lil Ricky "Man on Dog Action" Santorum's & Young Repugs' Stupid Human Tricks

Daily Kos has a report on Lil Ricky "Man on Dog Action" Santorum's Social Security event in Philly that took place this week. It includes this bit:

[B]efore the event, Philly DFA began chanting "Hey-hey, ho-ho, Rick Santorum has got to go!" Local college Republicans, who are just about the only Republicans in West Philly, responded with a chant that beautifully was captured live by CNN: "hey-hey, ho-ho, Social Security has got to go!" I love it when the other side does your campaigning for you!

Inside the hall, the biggest applause line of the event was generated early on when Santorum asked a rhetorical question about demographics and funding: "what happens in 2008?" Before he could answer his own question, someone shouted "Bush leaves office," and the room went wild.
And, you can go HERE to actually see and hear the callow Young Repugs screwing up their talking points by actually telling the truth about the GOP's agenda for Social Security ("Hey-hey, ho-ho, Social Security has got to go!")

The Dems should make a commercial out of that clip ASAP!

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