What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 4, 2005

Purple Fingers

We've now had a bit of time to consider the State of the Union Address. Once again, the Republicans demonstrated their love of symbolism when they showed off inked fingers in support of the recent Iraq elections:

We here at 2 Political Junkies think that they should not have stopped there.

For example, they could have showed their support for the 10,000 plus wounded American soldiers by waiving bloody stumps (an arm or leg would do).

They could have shown their support for the 100,000 Iraqi civilians killed by slaughtering their own first born children and displaying them Pieta-style for the cameras.

Or, maybe, they could keep it simple and just show what they really think of Social Security:

Just a thought...


Ol' Froth said...

That was ink? I thought they were probing their rears again.

Maria said...

Just as long as they're not probing each other's rears -- Jesus and Lil Ricky "Man On Dog Action" Santorum would not approve of that.

And just how many blueberries would they have to eat to get that hue anyway?