What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 3, 2005


1500: The number of US troops killed in Iraq to date.
0: Weapons of Mass Destruction found in Iraq to date.
?: The number of Iraqi civilians killed to date ("We don't do body counts.")


xranger said...

...and one free country


Ol' Froth said...

Of course, the rationel for going to war with Iraq was the imminent threat that Iraq was going to use WMD's against us, or give WMD's to terrorists. Deposing Saddam was far, far down the list. But because that is the only good outcome of this adventure, the liars in the administration now trumpet removing Saddam as the be all and end all. It remains to be seen how "free" Iraq will be under a fundamentalist Muslim theocracy. 1500 brave US soldiers died for Bush's lies.

Anonymous said...

Lies? Get over it. Spouting the same tired campaign slogans (which have been debunked by intelligent beings) is boring.

The terrorists know that Iraq is high noon at the OK Coral, and they are pulling out all stops for over a year now to get us running.

Their worst nightmare is coming true - freedom in the belly of the beast (Middle East). It's contagious and spreading.

Liberals better find another line to repeat ad nauseum, because the "Bush is wrong, Iraq is wrong" ship has sailed.

Liz said...

Debunked? When? How? Show one credible source that said they found WMDs in Iraq.

"The terrorists know that Iraq is high noon at the OK Coral, and they are pulling out all stops for over a year now to get us running."

Funny how the vast majority of the dead and captured turn out to be LOCAL insurgents. And, our own government admits that al qaeda is in 65 countries now -- about 20 more than before the Iraq war.

Honsberger is a Liar

Scooter said...

Hey, did you notice that you were Yahoo's Blog of the Day yesterday? Congrats, and ignore the haters, yo.

Ol' Froth said...

YEs, I wrote lies and I mean LIES. Other than "Saddam isn't nice" not ONE CHARGE against Iraq was true. NO WMD's. NO nuclear weapons program. NO ties to Bin Laden.
As I recall, you fascists (yes I wrote and I mean fascists) bleated ad nauseum that it was about the lying when Clinton fibbed about a BJ.

Maria said...

Thanks, Scooter!

I wasn't aware of the "Blog of the Day" thing.

xranger said...

Froth, you're missing the point. At the time of all of the allegations about WMD, it was assumed (remember, assume makes an ass out of you and me)by the intelligence agencies around the world that Saddam did indeed possess them. George Tenant exclaimed to GW that it was a 'slam-dunk' that they were there.

I am of the ilk that feels they were trucked to Syria before the invasion, but that is merely unjustified wishful thinking on my part.

I do look at the Iraq invasion as the start to stability in the Middle east, and we're already seeing it spread. History will tell the tale of the tape if it was a justified war or not.

I will offer one bit of unsolicited advice: get off the hate Bush at all costs bandwagon. I despised Clinton, for the immoral oportunist that he is, but I was always an America-first political scientist. The Democratic party is becoming irrelevant at this time, and the loss of poltical office on all fronts over the last 10 years is the all the proof you need.

The point is, to get back in the game, do what's right for the country, not just your party.