What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 24, 2005

"Do not be fooled, the Republican Senate RAPED you tonight."

Well, that seems to be the Freeper response to last night's compromise over the Senate Nuclear Option/Filibuster debate. The fact that the Freepers are apoplectic over the compromise makes me want to be happy with it. A Daily Kos diary has a nice roundup of their response to it HERE.

Certainly Sen. Frist and Focus on the Family Action Chairman Dr. James C. Dobson seem to be taking it hard, which can't be bad (interesting analysis of Dobson's comments HERE).

But, as Josh Marshall points out, aren't we just delaying the inevitable showdown?

Marshall does claim it as a "draw" though which is sorta a "win" for a minority party.


I wish I could feel better about this...


Ol' Froth said...

What we saw was, in my opinion, exactly what the senate is supposed to do. Cooler heads reached a compromise that gave each side some of what they wanted. The test of the compromise will come whenever Bush gets to appoint a SUpreme. If the nominee is way off to the right, we may be right back where we were yesterday.

Andrew L said...

This was not a good compromise. This should have come down to a showdown (and I'm fairly certain that both Frist and Reid secretly breated a sigh of relief that this allowed both of them to save face). If it came down to a showdown, I think it very likely that Frist wouldn't have had the votes, and if by some chance it did, then there's a few years in the wilderness before there's a Democratic majority in the Senate again (unlikely in 2006, I think we'll see it in 2008).

Given that most of what the Congress does is outside the scope of the Consitution and should therefore require a 2/3rds vote and 3/4s of the states to ratify it, a higher standard of passage is a good thing.

No, this is definitely not a victory.

Matt said...

I think this definitely was a win for people like myself who are worried about the country turning into a theocracy.

Anytime I see the thecons pissed, including Frist, I'll take that as a win.

Cooler heads prevailed,we live to fight another day and we're already filibustering Bolton.

J. said...

Raped? Wow.

This is about the loss of power people. Notably the possible loss of the grip the left has on the judicial branch. Obviously none of you have any idea about what a judge is supposed to do. How many documented times has a liberal judge used the bench to usurp power from the voting public. You don't need to leak a memo to read about that stuff. They are supposed to interpret the law as written, not make it up as they go along. The liberals don't want people like that.

The judges should have a vote, nothing less and nothing more.

The Liberal Dems are raping the public, by not doing their jobs and being cry babies (literally in some cases). Get your blinders off and look around at the stuff you choose to ignore.

Also, too bad the Republicans are a bunch of wimps. John McCain ain't my representative. I'm ashamed of them.