What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 16, 2005

This Scares the Crap Out of Me

No doubt, you've all seen the ubiquitous fish symbol for Christianity that's often displayed on cars and lapels. Perhaps you own one.

Now, we have the Bush Fish:

I thought that this HAD to be a parody when I came across the link at Exit Stage Left, but sadly, it seems to be the real thing.

The symbol's creator claims that it shows, "...worship to the Lord, respect for the President, and hope for all."

Can anyone out there argue that this symbol is somehow not blasphemous? Is this an attempt to create a whole new religion?

Personally, it reminds me of a phrase that my favorite teacher, Henry Koerner, used to say:

"It makes me want to vomit so much that I could cover the world in a sea of vomit."

Henry knew a little something about propaganda, himself, having escaped the Nazis and also having created some well known propaganda of his own for the US during W.W.II.

The Bush Fish symbol is either seriously misguided piety or seriously nasty propaganda.


Ol' Froth said...

Blasphemous. That's exactly what I thought when I first saw this. I'd get one for satirical reasons, but I really don't want those self-rightous clowns to have any of my money.

caveman said...

I laughed when I saw the Bush fish as a joke; then I cried when I saw it wasn't.