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May 11, 2005

Update on the Scott Baker Jeff Gannon thing

In case you missed it, here's my original posting. Well Rob Owen has chimed in. Read it here.

My biggest complaint is that he never mentions me or this blog. Oh well, that's what happens when one's ego is based on an unerring sense of entitlement.

Owen quotes the able Baker as defending the seminar at the right-leaning Leadership Institute School of Broadcast Journalism as "ideologically neutral" adding:
It was more just a place to do it. We're the odd stepsister, the strange aunt. They don't understand us and leave us alone. They never told me in 13 years I needed to teach a certain kind of material. It has never come up, not even one time.
Ok. I still don't believe it, but I thought it important that Scott's self-defense be given some space.

And what does the "ramrod straight" Jeff Gannon have to say about Scott Baker? Take a look at it here. Here it is:
Poor Scott Baker, the Pittsburgh television news anchor who taught a weekend broadcast journalism course at the Leadership Institute! It seems like he has been vilified by the same blogger posse that went after me. I'm sorry for him having been drawn into this, but the Left is attacking everyone associated with me no matter how remote or inconsequential in pursuit of its 'scorched earth'policy.

With all due respect to Mr. Baker, what I learned about journalism was gained from having been the first editor of my high school newspaper and sports editor of my college weekly. Somehow these facts escape those who are more interested in looking at headless photographs and spinning conspiracy theories.
Headless photographs?

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Big Time Patriot said...

Headless photographs? Aren't those the beginners photos where the photographer cuts off the subjects heads from looking through the view finder wrong?

Perhaps the warm and oh so cuddly Gannon/Guckert is expanding to photo-journalism instead of just writing?