What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 17, 2005


Here's the deal: if you want ANY chance of having a progressive senator from PA then you MUST vote in MoveOn's poll for Chuck Pennacchio.

If you're a member of MoveOn already, then you should have received an email with a link to vote.

If you're not a member of MoveOn, then here's the link that you need to vote:


Pennacchio needs some recognition and MoveOn can bring it.

Santorum is already flailing so why not give a progressive a fighting chance in the primary? Why not give someone a chance who won't be as divisive as Casey is?

Why bow down to the "conventional wisdom" of who to run as a Democrat when it's never failed to fail us???

Why not give someone a chance who won't piss off a LARGE portion of the base?

Oh, hell -- just do it!


halcyon67 said...

I don't think Casey is that divisive. Pennacchio is a great man, he has been called the Next Paul Wellstone. But let's face reality here. We all live in reality, unlike Republicans. Casey is the only person who can take out Santorum. I want Santorum gone. But we will have to see next year in the Primary.

Philip Shropshire said...

I disagree. That was the same logic they gave us about Kerry, a man who inspired no one. You have to elect a man or woman who inspires the base. I can't trust Casey on the courts or the war. I actually can't even trust him on arctic drilling. Some Democrat.

I just hope that MoveOn doesn't use that 50 percent threshold. That's what cost Dean an early MoveOn nomination. That could have changed things...

Philip Shropshire said...

I might add that it's not just choice, the right will then go after contraception. It's always been a way against sexuality and women. It has nothing to do with life. If I was a woman, I would find Casey Jr.'s position "divisive" and probably "offensive".

Casey is also anti-science. The reason we have the Internets is because of science. Overall, science is a good thing. Just don't trust Casey on these important issues...

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that the last Bob that won in this city was not a Bob I was supporting and now I will be voting for the Green candidate for the mayor of Pittsburgh come November so if the Dems want my finacial/volunteer/vote, support come November 2006 they better get it right this time.

Maria said...

A Millersville University poll; conducted 10/25-28/01; surveyed 504 registered voters margin of error +/- 4.3%. (Hotline)

Democratic primary matchup--Likely Voters:
Casey: 44%
Rendell: 27%
Undecided: 30%

Final Results:
Rendell: 56%
Casey: 44%


For when someone asks you about Casey's ability to campaign.  This was Ed Rendell's perception of Casey's 2002 gubernatorial campaign:

"It's the worst campaign I've ever seen," he told one interviewer. "The worst ads in the history of Pennsylvania politics" and "one of the worst campaigns in American political history."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- May 21, 2002 Tuesday (SOONER EDITION)

Anonymous said...

I just cannot support a candidate (Pennacchio) who favors victim disarmament laws.