What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 29, 2005

No Cheers For Chimpy

Seeing as how even the soldiers would only clap during Bush's speech when pushed by the White House advance team, it's not surprising that the non-military public were also less than impressed:

How would you rate Bush's speech?
Poor 52%
Excellent 27%
Fair 11%
Good 9%

How concerned are you about the situation in Iraq?
Very 74%
Somewhat 18%
Not at all 8%
Total Votes: 215,626

Are you satisfied with the progress in Iraq?
No 77%
Yes 23%
Total Votes: 109,912

Will the U.S. ultimately defeat the insurgents?
No 65%
Yes 35%
Total Votes: 109,530

Is the war in Iraq worth the human cost?
No 74%
Yes 26%
Total Votes: 110,349

CNN QuickVote
Which word best describes President Bush's speech?

Reassuring 14%
4540 votes

Uplifting 7%
2101 votes

Worrying 79%
24893 votes

Total: 31534 votes

And, yes, these polls are unscientific so the numbers have a LARGE margin of error, but even taking that into consideration they still do not bode well for Preznit Chimpy McFlightsuit.

It was nice to see that we've found bin Laden -- well found him in a speech by the Preznit, anyway. He mentioned him by name twice and that's as rare as hen's teeth or a day going by without one of our soldiers being killed in Iraq.

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