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June 24, 2005

Some thoughts (From Philadelphia) on Senator Santorum

Although it turns into (at the very end) a comparision between Lil Ricky and Bob Casey, the article by John Baer has some interesting things to say about our Junior Senator. Check it out.

Baer starts with this:

I'VE BEEN thinking lately about Rick Santorum's brain.

It is, and I don't care where your politics lie, something to think about.

For example: he recently said Terri Schiavo was "executed."

He was answering questions about her autopsy report confirming her irreversible vegetative state and whether he regrets what some saw as a grandstanding unsolicited visit to her deathbed during a political fundraising trip to Florida.

He bristles at this, by the way, claiming he'd have been criticized for not going down there.

By whom, I wonder?

I already have an answer to that. I might be wrong - no matter. Later, Baer writes:

I also ask about a New York Times Magazine cover photo last month in which a smiling Santorum, hands folded, eyes heavenward, appears transfixed in prayer.

"Yes," he says, he posed for it.

Uh, what were you thinking, I ask?

He says he was told to do something with his hands, then look here, look there, you know, like a kid at a K-Mart photo shoot following a stuffed toy in a photog's hand.

That's his story.

As you can see in the picture, I say he's practicing for his holy card.

Luckily, Maria's already done that.

It's good to know we're that much ahead of the Philadelphia Pundits!


But I love this paragrahp:
I'd remind you this is the same Senate leader who recently likened Democrats fighting to save the filibuster to Nazis, who once equated homosexuality with bestiality and who claimed the Catholic priest pedophile scandal in Boston should be no surprise since Boston is "a seat of academic, political and cultural liberalism in America."
I couldn't have said it any better myself.

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