What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 29, 2005

Too Poor to Afford An Issues Page -- Won't You Help?

I received this email today from James Carville (via the Bob Casey for Pennsylvania Committee) and I wanted to share it with you.

Apparently Mr. Carville would like us all to donate money to Little Bobby Casey. Mr. Carville states:
If Bob Casey doesn't have the resources to respond -- to talk about his own values and tell the truth about Santorum’s record -- the Republicans are going to get away with their master deception again.
Mr. Carville has a real point here. Little Bobby has had his website up for a few months now and apparently he still does not have enough money to have an ISSUES page on it.

How can you look at Bobby's big brown eyes and deny him a simple issues page? Can't you find it in your heart to donate just a few cents a day -- the price of a fancy coffee drink once a week -- to help little Bobby get an issue's page of his own?

Won't you help Little Bobby inform his potential contributors that he is anti choice, anti embryo stem cell research, pro war in Iraq, etc.?

Your dollars will mean so much to Little Bobby. And by helping Bobby, you'll be helping more than one disadvanteged candidate: you'll be helping his whole contributor base!

Can you really look away and do nothing?

Please help.


Philip Shropshire said...

Do nothin' sounds just about right. I'm not even sure I can bring myself to vote for this guy. I certainly won't support Moveon's efforts--maybe after the primary.

I'm waiting for my free 1000 flyers from Chuck P's campaign. My pitch is "Vote for Chuck. He's pro science, pro -choice and anti-war and I believe it. Unlike the guy the Pennsylvania party establishment is backing...oh, he's pro labor, until it comes to the inevitable anti-labor pro life judges he's vote for...woohoo go bob go..." or something like that.

Maria said...

FYI: I will be having a house party for Pennacchio -- probably in August.

Casey turns my stomach but it's the cramming him down our throats by the Dem leadership that really makes me want to heave.

Jeebas said...

Yeah I basically signed up for those emails from the Casey campaign so I could laugh... They sound SOOO desperate - it's so far away from the general that it doesn't matter. Casey doesn't need to sound like a lost puppy-dog at this point. Next May the national party will funnel a boatload of money into this race regardless of who the candidate is. It enrages me that he doesn't even acknowledge that he has a primary opponent...

Chris said...

Hello. New here. Thought I'd drop in my $.02.

The party is doing the same thing it did in 2004 for this seat, and I fear that the results will be the same.

I saw Casey at an event back in September. He was, frankly, underwhelming and stood for very little other than not being Santorum. Santorum has out-earned him 2-1 so far, and I wouldn't be surprised if he continues that pace and wins in November.