What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 15, 2005

Well, It Never Stopped George W. Bush

As those who don't fear and hate science have been saying all along, the autopsy demonstrates:

Terri Schiavo's brain was half the size of a normal brain when she died.


She was blind, and therefore, could not have tracked the red balloon.

There was no evidence of abuse by her husband

The real truth with this case is that it had nothing to do with the body, mind or soul of Terri Schiavo. It had to do with giving craven, opportunistic Republican politicians and their house band, FOX News, a platform to spew their hatred of so-called 'activist' judges. It didn't matter if they played out their little game over the body of a brain dead woman. The MSM gladly aided and abetted by playing the video snippet of the BLIND Schiavo "watching" the pretty red balloon.

And speaking of craven, opportunistic Republicans politicians, if you recall Lil Ricky Santorum was all over Schiavo: from claiming that the courts had to obey Congress; to going to Florida to pray with Schiavo's family. Santorum canceled a Social Security event "out of respect" for Schiavo's family but didn't think there was anything inappropriate about proceeding with a campaign fundraiser that took in a cool quarter of a million dollars while he was there.

Lil Ricky was one of those who demanded that his own religious beliefs (or at least his belief in playing to his Catholic constituency) supersede any and all actual scientific evidence, as well as the wishes of her husband.

Well, I won't stand for Lil Ricky and his Rethuglican buddies and the Religious Right crowd making points and scoring cash over this issue anymore. It's time that the Left stands up too. So, in the interest of equal time in being craven and opportunistic, I'll use the occasion to make yet one more shameless plug for a new T-shirt design:

Get 'em while they're hot.


Buddhagem said...

I'm glad the autopsy is getting as much coverage as it is. The allegations against Terri Schiavo's husband were horrible. What a sick circus that all was.



xranger said...

Those of you on the far left don't realize that you were too over-zealous in your desire to kill Terri, and it came across badly.

If you're trying to win over the mainstream public, try another tactic.

Maria said...

Funny how it was the Republicans who plummeted in the polls after Schiavo. The majority of Americans were horrified at how the Republicans played politics over her brain dead body.

Jeffrey Sprague said...

As a liberal, I thought I'd take a few minutes to scan the liberal blogosphere to see how things are going. this kind of name calling overhype of an issue that deserves sensitivity for the difficulty it must have caused for all the parties involved (parents, husband, family) If this is so damning for the republicans to play politics with, why are liberals playing politics with it. I'm just tired of the name calling, looking for some calm reasoned commentary. The snide tone just don't cut it, take the HIGH ROAD.